VAT Registration services in UAE

In the wake of UAE Tax reforms for VAT announced this year, all firms within the UAE must submit VAT registration and file regularly. The Federal Tax Authority of UAE will be the authority for VAT compliance and regulations.

The UAE and the other GCC countries implemented the Value Added Tax (VAT) in 2018. There is currently 5% VAT on every transaction in the UAE with exemptions for specific services like local transport and selected financial services, empty land, etc.


A company must be registered for VAT if its tax-deductible imports and supplies exceed 375,000 per year. It’s an option for businesses whose imports or supplies exceed AED 187,500 annually. In 2018, all companies operating in UAE must voluntarily be VAT registered regardless of whether their annual income is lower than AED 375,000 per year.

It is a charge for every step in the chain of supply. End-users typically bear the cost of VAT, while businesses take care of and pay the tax, effectively acting as an official tax collector for the government. Companies must keep track of their transactions with the financial institution and make sure that their accounts are audited regularly to ensure they comply with taxes and prevent failure to comply.


  • Trade License issued by the company
  • Certificate of incorporation or registration certificate
  • Article of association/partnership agreement or any other document indicating business ownership
  • Manager profile
  • Passport duplicate and Emirates ID of the manager
  • The physical location of the office for the company
  • Contact details
  • Bank account information and statements
  • List of business activities of directors and partners in UAE in the last 5 years, along with their license to trade copies

Alongside the documents required, Along with the required documents, there are several declarations to be filed by the business to get tax registration numbers and finish the Tax Registration procedure within the UAE.


  • The business activities of the applicant
  • Estimated or actual financial transaction value
  • Annual Turnover from the prior year, with accompanying documents
  • The details of the expected Turnover over the coming 30 days
  • Transactions involving imports and exports
  • A list of GCC activities and business
  • Information about customs registration

What can AURION do to help you?

Beginning with educating people on VAT guidelines to Registration of VAT and the VAT file Aurion provides full assistance and complete services in VAT & Accounting. The VAT department at Aurion is fully equipped with the latest standards established by the federal tax authority. It is skilled enough to provide rapid and precise VAT assistance regardless of the type of business you manage.

Tax Consultation and Accounting Services In the UAE


Benefit from our experience in every aspect of accounting, financial planning, or business development, and maximize economic growth potential. Transferring your bookkeeping responsibility to Aurion can allow you to concentrate on the most important aspects your company faces, like expansion. Accurate financial records will enable you to make better-informed decisions regarding your company.

Our standardized processes help streamline and enhance your accounting processes. Our team of experts is familiar with working with the most popular accounting software applications like QuickBooks, Peachtree, Quicken, Tally, etc. The accounting solutions we offer are unmatched in the area, providing professional business support that is proactive, high-quality in multilingual communication, and the most trust-worthy standards in the reliability and quality of our services.

If you’re a simple startup or an established firm with complex reporting and controlling structures, our solutions are designed to meet your requirements and provide the same enthusiasm. Our management accounting services are specifically tailored to the needs of your business and can be as complicated as your reporting needs for group needs.

  • Growing to match your requirements for volume
  • Offering unbeatable logistical support and assistance with order processing
  • Integration with other logistics systems as well as document processing and various other applications
  • Integration with your bank for bidirectional electronic data transfers

Aurion is your reliable service provider in the field of VAT & Accounting. You can concentrate on your primary business activities. At the same time, we handle your VAT Registration and VAT Return Filing Accounting and Book Keeping Service with the highest level of precision and excellence.


Aurion offers the special Audit Report Service for Free Zone companies operating in the UAE to renew business licenses, open bank accounts, and close the company. Based on the business jurisdiction, the audit requirements differ. A majority of the Frei Zones within the UAE require businesses to conduct an audit and then submit an audit report within the period of renewal of their business license.

Additionally, at the time of a company’s closing, companies in the free zone are required to obtain a closing certificate or liquidator certificate, which is prepared following an audit of the company’s financials.

Keep your business records up to date in the most efficient method.

Monitoring your company’s financial statements is vital to keep track of your business’s progress and avoid any penalties or misrepresentation of the funds. Aurion will create accurate and precise audit reports for your business that can be used for different objectives like free zone business license renewals, opening bank accounts closing, closing company, etc.

The Audit experts will examine your company’s financial statements, cash flow reports, and financial reports and create audit reports that are percent compliant with UAE business law.

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified Consulting firm, we are committed to continuous improvement and high-quality services in all of our projects. We provide the highest security for your company’s information using our own created Office Management System.

Furthermore, with the Aurion Mobile App, receive an immediate notification of your VAT registration and VAT Return filing accounting assignment’s status. Our experienced consultants are ready to communicate with us!

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